Merry Christmas from photoLIFE

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Merry Christmas photoLIFE 2014


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas this Holiday Season!

We’re happy to be enjoying more time in Second Life and catching up with old friends.  Our store location is up and decorated for the holidays.  Who knows, maybe we’ll see a surprise coming your way soon!



Find us in world at:




Classes @ photoLIFE

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Team members Lucy Eberhart and Ansel Artful have resumed classes at photoLIFE , instructions cover all aspect of the studio as well as some Photoshop tips and tricks.


Lucy is doing a photography boot camp and it’s very popular!

From her notecard:  Beginning today 7/17/2012 and continuing for 12 weeks,

I will be hosting a photography bootcamp of sorts. There will be two tasks each week designed to strengthen your skills as photographers. You will be issued assignments on Tuesday and Friday and may join in at any point during the 12 weeks. Photos may be sent to Lucy Eberhart inworld. Please watermark them if you so desire as they may be displayed to the general public. Participation is voluntary and you are not obligated to complete the entire course.

The first assignment is as follows:
To capture a sparkle. Be creative, think outside the box. A sparkle can eminanate from many sources; an eye, a drop of water reflecting the moonlight, a candle’s flame. Submit photos to me no later than Friday (7/20) at noon SLT.

At the end of the course I will create a keepsake album with the best photos submitted.

I look forward to your participation.
-Lucy Eberhart


She was kind enough to share some of the photos submitted from the 1st assignment, I’d like to share here.

Taken by Gala Caproni at kama’a ‘ole, The Blues Still (37, 87, 22) – Moderate


Taken by Gia Ludlow at Marigold, Blue Dolphin Fishing, Marigold (158, 103, 21) – Moderate


Sparkle by Burly Tigerpaw

I’ve had some great feedback on the first task. There are many wonderfully creative individuals in this group! The purpose of this bootcamp is to challenge you and push you to make the most of your inworld resources.

The first task of capturing a sparkle was a big success! I love the submissions. You may still submit any task until the end of the bootcamp to be included in our book.

Some helpful hints for sparkles. Make great use of windlight, including the shadows functionality. Some of you did amazing captures, I can’t wait to show them all.

Now, on to task two.

Week 1, task 2:

Be creative, letters can include written notes, signage, an individual letter shot macro, etc. Sometimes looking at the small things can open big worlds for you. Push your limits. Send me your full perm textures/snapshots no later than Tuesday at noon to be featured on the blog.

Thanks again,
Lucy Eberhart

Want to be a part of this? Be sure you are in the Team photoLIFE inworld group and follow group notices!

photoLIFE makes gift giving now even easier !!!!

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Stop by the store on Opium. Test run the photoLIFE V3, there are 2 out for you to play with. Best thing is you can not break it!!  Need a demo? Join the Team photoLIFE group inworld, the group joiner is on the sales floor, and ask for help!


Walk to the center of the floor to the photoLIFE vendor and *Touch * the base face plate to send as a gift !!!  I love Christmas made easy!!!

Grab the LIMO.  Have a fabulous Holiday!!

What a wonderful Story Shared! And A Fabulous Gift for the Holidays!!

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A friend of mine and a fellow blogger, Wise Sandelwood,  seems thrilled with her gift and I’m very happy to read and hear it!!  Her Christmas story can be read HERE .



A photoLIFE for the Holidays!!!


photoLIFE makes gift giving easy for you as well! Stop in the store and find the Holiday Vendor. For when they have been REALLY GOOD!!



photoLIFE is proud to be able to offer you the ability to purchase a pL3 studio gift certificate for a special person in your Second Life.

Simply do the following

1- Pay the Gift Vendor for the studio and you will receive a pL3 Gift Certificate. Your name is recorded for records and to be assured of hassle free transfer.

2- Give the gift card to your special someone.

3- Whenever they wear the Gift Certificate a LM to the photoLIFE store will be given to them.

4- They return to photoLIFE and “wear” the Gift Certificate near the Gift Certificate Vendor.

5- The pL3 studio Kit will be delievered directly to them.


LIMO to easy Holiday Gift  Giving!

Team photoLIFE Announces Halloween 2011 Winners

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1st Place TIE goes to  Trixee Trotter and Corrine  Helendale ~ A great studio composition. Excellent overall.



2nd Place ~ Seleane Triellis – Put’s a nice feel into an old theme.  Definately a “good” witch. The face lighting is excellent.

3rd Place ~ Nariko Kimono – Soft post processing and a nice effort placed towards composition. Well done.

Wonderful photography and congrats to all the winners !!

photoLife Halloween Challenge 2011

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There is no better way to welcome Fall than with Halloween, and on SecondLife we can stretch the bounds of our imaginations.

And here at photoLIFE we welcome your creativity with a brand new photo contest!

Creepy, Crawly, Funny, Goofy, Scary, Freaky, Wild or Bizarre… we want them all!

Show us your best Halloween look.

Contest prizes will be given for the following categories
1st Place – Fright Night
Excellence in – Subject Rendition – Lighting – Composition – Creativity – Overall Impression

2nd Place – Ghost Busters
Excellence in creative concept.

3rd Place – Trick or Treat
Excellence in scene composition and point of view.

-Photos must be obviously inspired with a Halloween theme.
-Photos should be 1024×1024 using high resolution techniques

-Photographs must be taken using the photoLIFE 3.0 photography system
-Post processing is allowed but should be used tastefully and not obviously over processed.
-No nudity
-All entries must be named *pL Halloween Challenge 2011-your name*

-Deadline – All entries must be submitted to the photoLIFE Flickr group by Monday, October 31st at midnight SLT.

-To enter you must be a member of the Team photoLIFE Group or the photoLIFE Pro Group

Winners will be announced on Friday, November 4th in the Flickr group and via the Team photoLIFE group in SL.

Further information about submissions and any contest updates will be available through the Team photoLIFE Group.

photoLIFE Announces The Beauty & The Beast Contest Winners

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The Beauty & The Beast Contest was part of the recent photoLIFE Wedding Expo 2011 , sponsored by Scruplz Magazine! We are very proud to present these awesome works from members of Team photoLIFE!!

1st Place – The Grandiose –
Excellence in – Subject Rendition – Lighting – Composition – Creativity – Overall Impression

Two images stood out when it came to capturing the essence of the wedding expo with regards to the theme of “Beauty & The Beast” .  It came down to contrast and lighting in Beatrice’s Image that helped to make the final decision.  Using a wedding gown for the beauty Avatar was something that we encouraged with all of our contestants. Congratulations Beatrice!


2nd Place – Best Theme-
Excellence in creative concept.

Two images stood out in creative concept as well.  Both images were equally creative but Ananda’s included a wedding theme as well.  This helped her to step ahead and take 2nd place. Nice work Ananda and we look forward to more entries from you in the future!


3rd Place – Best Layout –
Excellence in scene composition and point of view.

Disney’s rendition of Beauty & The Beast  was capitalized on with this image.  Rene did so with the incased rose scene.  This scene and point of view complimented each other without causing awkwardness in the subjects.  Excellence in scene composition and point of view were manditory for this catagory. Well done Rene!


Just awesome photos !